About Barclay Rolls - Manufacturers of a variety of rolls
Barclay Rolls offers free delivery! Call us at 330.337.9541 for details.

Barclay Machine is a manufacturer of rolls. Cast rolls, forged, hollow or solid in construction. Built from steel, alloy or stainless steel. Rolls that are hardened, ground, plated, coated or covered. Rolls that are weld overlayed or rolls that are precision balanced. Our thoroughly equipped facility is capable of accurate, reliable and efficient manufacturing processes. We offer the benefits of both a large and small company in one. Capable of managing orders exceeding one hundred rolls yet competitive enough to process orders of one.

Barclay Machine, Inc.
650 South Broadway Ave.
Salem, OH 44460
Phone: 330.337.9541
Fax: 330.337.0414
Email: sales@barclayrolls.com

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